We provide an after school program that eliminates the need of daycare. Instead of costly expenses on sending your child to daycare center, we will teach them martial arts and build their characters as they are being cared for till you arrive.

So many parents stress in putting their kids in martial arts because of their jobs. We understand that it makes for you to get your kids to class. Other concerns like when will they do their homework before bed? That's why you let us pick your kids up when school finishes. 

How does it work?

* Please feel free to ask us if your kid's school is available for our TKD afterschool program

List of Schools for TKD afterschhol

We will pick up your child directly from school in our transport vehicle to the martial arts gym. They will then change and have a snack break and start study hour when we will watch and assist them on schoolwork. Lastly, they will take martial arts classes led by our masters and instructors until your arrival.

  • Cheri Cox Elementary School (Wylie ISD)
  • ​Whitt Elementary School (Wylie ISD)
  • Tibbals Elementary School (Wylie ISD)
  • ​Armstrong Elementary School (Garland ISD)
  • Sewell Elementary School (Garland ISD)
  • Luna Elementary School (Garland ISD)

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